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Welcome to Nam Nau Habitat!

The Namib Desert - unique - with a variety of desert landscapes, gives Namibia its essential character.

The Namib Desert - the oldest on earth - is a liviing desert! Flora and Fauna are perfectly adapted to this harsh environment.

The Namib Desert - hosts some of the highest accessible dunes in the world - the dunes at Sossusvlei, attracting more visitors every year.

The Namib Naukluft Park - is the largest Nature Reserve in Namibia and many private nature reserves are nestled at its border to form a unity for wildlife and people alike.

The stretch from the Kuiseb river bed in th central part and Aus / Luderitz in the South has been proclaimed a World Heritage Site by the UNSECO in 2014. It is called the Namib Sand Sea.

The Nam Nau Habitat, a 25,000 ha Private Nature Reserve bodering this World Heritage Site from the Namib Desert to the Naukluft Mountains and offers a unique and divers desert environment for its plentiful wildlife. Two establishments: The Namib Naukluft Lodge and the Soft Adventure Camp are located on this peaceful desert reserve, both offering an unforgettable desert experience.

Since 1993 the animals may roam freely and undisturbed. The nature reserve hosts a variety of game like Giraffe, Oryx antelope, Kudu, Springbok, Steinbok, Klipspringer, Mountain Zebra, Ostrich and Baboon.

During the evenings, the bat-eared fox and the 'Aardwolf' are common visitors. Sometimes a spotted or brown hyena may be seen. On some occations, predators like African wildcat, leopard and cheetah have been spotted walking freely over the vast plains.

A bird - hide in walking distance from the lodge invites the guests for some bird viewing. Especially in the early morning hours flocks of Namaqua sand grouses gather at the nearby waterhole. Two black breasted snake eagles often sit on top of the granite rocks and watch their prey.The 'Ludwigs' and the 'Rupple's' Bustard are also common visitors and even vultures can sometimes be seen.

The Nature Reserve would not be complete without reptiles. Snakes and scorpions are hardly ever seen, but the barking gecko is one, that should be noted. Its clicking sound during the evenings is a concert never to be forgotten.

The beautiful desert sky, so clear, that you can easily spot the Milky Way and the Southern Cross invites not only the eager astrologist.

For our Daily Sossusvlei Shuttle

African Extravaganza is the pioneer with its Shuttle service to this private nature reserve in the Sossusvlei region. In 1993 the tour has been developed and is running since then on a daily basis from Windhoek and Swakopmund! Read more

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